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5 Things To Think About When Choosing Laminate Flooring 


When choosing laminate there are some serious considerations to make, the wrong choice could cost a small fortune. In this post we will help you make the right decision for you, your home and your budget by highlighting 5 things you need to carefully consider when buying laminate flooring.


1.The room you need it for


Kitchens and bathrooms require highly water resistant flooring. They also have a high footfall so scratch and wear resistance would be very beneficial too (as it would it all ‘busy’ rooms).


 If you have a spare room that is hardly used and you are on a budget then of course you can get a lower quality, cheaper option but if it’s one of your main rooms be aware that you get what you pay for. Looking for a good deal is sensible but you don't want to compromise too much on quality. Getting the room done again before you are ready to will cost a lot more!


2.The impact you want to make


Your flooring plays a significant role in the overall look of a room so make it count. It's worth considering that you will probably decorate around your floor many times (especially if you invest in a high quality, long lasting product) so you want to pick a colour/ material / design that you can see yourself living with for years to come.


3.How often you want to replace it


With this in mind, you might decide that you don't want a ‘forever floor’ you might like the idea of clearing everything out, taking away the old and bringing in the new regularly. If this were the case you wouldn't be interested in flooring that offered a lifetime guarantee anyway.


On the other hand if you find the whole process of choosing a new floor tedious and expensive you can easily find fantastic value and long term guarantees, like the lifelong one we have to offer on all quickstep installations.  This effectively means that unless you choose to move, you don't have to pay for new flooring again.


4.How to install it


If you plan to install it yourself check the instructions before you buy, read customer reviews and pay attention to their experience of installation. Badly fitted flooring doesn't just look cosmetically flawed but it can let the water in, causing bulges and expansion. Also check to see if your choice requires adhesive before you begin the process. If this all seems like too much hard work and you opt to get them installed make sure the fitters all have the appropriate retraining and experience.




To ensure your flooring stays looking as good as it did the first day it was installed, up-keep is essential. Different products require a different process and some more rigorous than others. Making sure you have done your research and you know what to expect is key to long-term satisfaction.


Most laminate flooring requires a simple sweep, vacuum or dry mop to clean it on a regular weekly basis. More intense cleaning can be done with warm soapy water and a mop but it's important not to leave any surface water on the floor for too long to avoid it soaking in and causing the laminate to deteriorate and/or change shape.


If you opt for high quality laminate then the extra protective layer (which prevents any dirt and grime getting in the cracks) will reduce cleaning time and ensure it lasts longer.


For more information on the ranges of flooring available here at Floor Fitter Wales including the Quickstep installation with a lifetime guarantee then contact with us here today.

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