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Do You Really Want a White Laminate Floor?


White laminate floors look contemporary and modern. They bring light into a room and open up a space. They are the perfect flooring choice for those who love clean, crisp lines and want a style that is reflects serenity and tranquillity. They can however get dirty very quickly and this puts some people off.


It is easy to see why and many of our customers love the look but worry about the upkeep. The truth is that white laminate flooring will show the dirt more than other colours but it doesn’t have to be difficult to manage.


Ideally the best way to manage the upkeep is to stop them getting dirty in the first place. For some people they are simply impractical and if you decide that the clean lines of a white floor is too risky for you we have many alternatives. As a household  you simply need to balance your desire for the pristine and irreplaceable look of white laminate with the lifestyle you lead and decide how the two will affect each other.


Consider the following when making your decision:

Are you planning on putting the white laminate in a room that leads straight to outside?
Do you have dogs or animals that have will have access to the room?
Do you have children under 10, what will they be doing while in the room?
Do you plan on eating or cooking in the white laminate room?


If you decide that the upkeep will be worth it because you LOVE the look then follow our steps below to ensure that they look at their best for the longest possible time. You see the key aspect to having beautiful white laminate is to avoid dirt coming into contact with it at all...


1. Insist that shoes are removed immediately

The fact that you are even considering white flooring suggests that you already do this but if not be sure to put this rule into place. Also make sure it applies to the whole house not just the room where you have the white flooring. Think about it, if you people are still coming into your house with dirt, grease and germs from outside and walking it into your home, then even if they take their shoes off as they enter certain rooms, the dirt is still in your house and can then be carried on other people’s feet. Consider having spare slippers and unused socks if you have house guests over that are uncomfortable exposing their feet!


2. Wipe up spills immediately

Laminate is water resistant but only short term. If excessive water is allowed to soak into the seams then it can cause damage including swelling, buckling, splitting and cracking. This is easy to avoid though, simply be proactive and clean up spills as soon as they occur and instruct your family to do the same.


3. Sweep often

By regularly sweeping with a soft bristle broom you prevent the build-up of dirt. This will stop it from being ground into the floor as people walk over it continuously. The soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner will allow you to get into the corners easily.


Here at Floor Fitter Wales we have a wide range of white laminate flooring and our customers tell us that the beautiful, crisp look the white laminate flooring is show stopping and worth a little TLC.


Check out our range below.


Chelsea extra - loft oak


Mayfair - bleached teak


Impressive - white planks


Eligna - wenge passionata


To discuss how our range can complement your interior design, click here.

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