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How to Choose Laminate Flooring For Your Kitchen

Kitchen floors go through a lot. It doesn't matter how house proud you are or how conscientious you are as a chef, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is walked on consistently more than other main rooms and has to cope with more spillages, smashes and smears. This is why it’s important to carefully consider the best laminate flooring you buy for your kitchen and in this post we aim to help you.



If you are redesigning your a new kitchen then the floor should be the first decision so you can build the rest of the kitchen around it. If you are just replacing the floor then you will want laminate that complements what you already have in place. One of the huge benefits of laminate is that it comes in so many different finishes from various real wood effects to stone, this means you will be able to find a design that works with what you already have.


It is also worth considering that flooring of a lighter shade looks dirtier quicker as stains show up more. For example white is a very on trend colour right now for people looking for a clean, modern and chic design but this is only recommended for a kitchen if you order takeaways every night! A textured, darker wood effect will be more practical and require less day-to-day scrubbing to keep it looking in top shape.



Like the bathroom, the kitchen is a room where waterproof flooring is a necessity. If water gets between the boards they bulge and before you know it you have a bouncy floor that needs replacing. This is why going for cheap laminate in the kitchen works out more expensive, having to replace the floor again is less cost effective than investing in good quality waterproof laminate in the first place.



Low quality or poorly fitted laminate will have gaps in between big enough for germs to breed. In a room where you prepare food then hygiene is an important factor to consider. It can be particularly hard to fit a kitchen floor around your fitted features, the complicated nature of this process means that gaps more likely to appear.


Here at Floor Fitter Wales we have fully trained, expert laminate floor fitters on hand to take this pressure off you. Although you are welcome to buy our high quality, waterproof laminate separately and fit it yourself, we actually provide a lifetime guarantee with all our Quick Step floors when bought with fitting so you never have to worry about your kitchen floor again. For more information click here.

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