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How to Make a Big Statement With Laminate Floors


When it comes to home decor there comes a time that we all long for change. You’ve been there right? Everything seems old and out-dated and you feel like a fresh new start. Your home has begun to feel boring and you just want a bit of excitement. You want to walk through the front door and feel the wow factor every single time, even though it’s your house.


Lack of money often stops us making big changes but the truth is you don’t need to break the bank to make a statement. You can use the biggest canvas at your disposal and cover it with the extraordinary. This can be done relatively inexpensively for the impact you will make and the secret is laminate.




High quality laminate available in all styles


Laminate has moved on a great deal over the years, the variety of styles, colours and finishes available make it incredibly flexible, allowing you to find the perfect flooring to match your room, your taste and the statement you want to make.


For those who want to make the statement that comes with the ambiance and warmth of a wooden floor but don’t like the noise they make (or have the budget for the price they cost) then laminate flooring these days can provide all of the aesthetics without the noise or price tag.


For those who want to make a statement that comes with the authentic, cool look of a stone floor but don’t want to walk on a freezing cold surface every morning then laminate provides a viable warmer alternative.


For those who want to straight lines and symmetry of a tiled floor but would rather something more practical, warmer and financially acceptable, then laminate flooring could be your answer.


You see regardless of the look you dream of; laminate flooring can create it. Although the laminate industry varies, you can still get incredibly high grade flooring at the fraction of the price of their counterparts.


Making a big statement can be simple and inexpensive. You can change the look of an entire room with just one purchase and give yourself that daily wow factor that you’ve been longing for.


The right laminate for your home

So if we have already convinced you then it’s time to consider what type of laminate flooring you want to make your statement. You may have your eye on a particular style but ideally you want it to complement the rest of your house.


For example if you live in a country cottage, rustic rough flooring might feel more in keeping with the house. The textured flooring available in laminate ranges makes the flooring feel more authentic underfoot and gives it a credible feel.


Alternatively if your home is a period property then perhaps you could look at styles that would have suited the original features and decor. Look particularly at the colour and width. Some of the traditional woods and widths are very hard and expensive to get hold of today but laminate has all options available with few limitations.


Of course modern sleek bold prime colours are also an option whatever period and style your house is; it is after all, your home and your statement to make. That’s the absolute beauty of laminate - it gives you complete freedom to express yourself.


Floor Fitter Wales

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