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Price Match Laminate Flooring in Wales for Quality AND Value

It is quite easy to find a website selling cheap laminate but actually buying from these companies is a risk. Here at Floor Fitter Wales we have an incredible opportunity for you that is risk free, high quality and cost effective. Want to know more…

Why Take The Risk?

To sell very cheap laminate flooring companies will often sell you a lower quality product. The materials used in these products are low grade and potentially manufactured with poor safety standards, in some cases using toxic chemicals that could pose a danger. Why take the risk?


Sometimes the price is low because the materials have been purchased from unethical sources, they don’t comply with fair trade standards or have the ISO certification required. If this is important to you, why take the risk?


The laminate itself isn’t always fit for purpose. Your flooring has to be durable and strong  enough to manage the pounding of feet everyday. With low quality products and third rate manufacturing practices, many of these companies are cutting corners that you are paying the price for. Why take the risk?


One of the biggest problems when buying cheap laminate from unknown companies is it could end up costing more.If you are making a choice based on price then quite rightly you are looking for value but buying online can turn out to be false economy. High quality laminate should last years but if you have to replace it sooner then you will spend more money. Why take the risk?

Price Match with Floor Fitter Wales

Now this doesn’t mean that all the companies selling lower cost online laminate are dubious but we have an alternative option for you. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality laminate at the best prices which is why we are opening up a Price Match offer. This means that if you find a cheaper price than we have on the exact same flooring we will match that price but with us you get so much more.

You get a risk free purchase

We guarantee the quality of our laminate, the manufacturing process and the materials sourced. We are a local business, based in South wales which means you can actually make human contact with us (something unusual in our digital world these days). You can walk into our office, meet our CEO, meet our fitters and physically shake our hand.

So you get a high quality product with a trusted local company for the same price you found online. The purchase is easy, you can order online and pop in to see us to collect for free.

We can’t wait to see you.

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