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Random Length Wooden Floors - The 2018 trend


There are lots of decisions to make when buying new wooden floors and one of them is the size of the planks. For some people, this isn't even a consideration but if you overlook this factor you could end up buying the wrong flooring for your room and style, additionally it could cost you more money than necessary. Random lengths are certainly a choice that has proven popular this year but is it right for you?  In this post, we will explore this growing trend to help you decide.



Uniformed Vs. Creative

Most people who opt for random lengths do so because they treat their floor as an opportunity to explore their creative side. They want to break from the normal, uniformed look of an average wooden floor and create something completely unique.


Opting for random lengths is a way to make a statement and experiment with your space. Flooring has a huge impact on the room; it is a canvas on which the rest of the room’s style can be built on. For some trendy innovators random plank lengths allow them bespoke expression.


Those who want a more uniformed look are far from boring though. Many people like the style of clean, crisp lines and how it provides structure and shape to the room, which is simply the look they prefer. There is no right or wrong here, only what suits you as an individual and your home.


Space Vs. Cosy

The size of your room is an important consideration. Shorter rooms will seem even smaller with random lengths because the style appears to cut the room up. If you have a long open space to fill then random lengths has the potential to add texture and make it feel more warm and cosy.


Frugal Vs. Financially Free

Those who are looking for a bargain won't find it in random lengths. It is extremely difficult to create this unique look without creating extra waste. To fill a floor space this way you will nearly always end up buying more than you need. Fixed lengths reduce the waste and because of the ease and speed, it reduces the cost of fitting.


Floor Fitter Wales

If you would like to discuss further the flooring options you have then we are always happy to help at Floor Fitter Wales. We are passionate about helping you get the flooring that you will love for a lifetime. Get in touch today.

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