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The Benefits of Quick Step Flooring



Here at Floor Fitter Wales we love Quick step floors and we see the benefits for our customers everyday. In this post we will outline the benefits of using Quick Step to give your home the style and functionality that you desire.

So much to choose from

Our clients are all unique and they come to us looking for flooring that fits in with their home decor, their personal style and their family life. We can always be sure that their needs can be met with Quick Step.

Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional design, tiles or planks, wide, small or extra large pieces, laminate, wooden or vinyl, Quick Step has an option for you. We particularly love showing our clients the large range of colours available, the biggest problem you are likely to face after deciding on Quick Step is which option to go for.

Fits all rooms perfectly

Quick Step uses the patented uniclic system which has truely sealed the success of the product world wide. Both the planks and tiles fit together seamlessly and can be fitted into any room, even those awkward spaces with really tight corners.

Clean and clear

Once the Quick Step flooring has been laid, the joins are completely sealed. This means that long term the build up of germs and dirt is reduced because there is nowhere for them to hide.

Long lasting

One of the major downfalls of other brands (especially the particularly cheap ones) is that water can get under the planks causing them to bow and swell. Quick Step on the other hand has a water resistant glued base plate which combined with the unique click system for installation makes the flooring far more durable for every day busy living (and spilt drinks)!

The planks are also treated with a scratch guard which gives your floor up to 10 times more resistance to scratches. Allowing you to relax in your own home without fear of damage to your beautiful floor.

Crucially the boards are guaranteed to be top-quality, they so strong that even the sunlight won’t fade the colours.

Cosy feet

Not only is Quick step warm and comfortable under your bare toes in the morning but it also works great alongside underfloor heating which is pure luxury for your feet throughout the cold British winter.

Lifetime Guarantee with Floor Fitter Wales

Not only are we confident in the Quick Step product we also put complete faith in our floor fitters, all of which have been accredited with the Quick Step Master Installer qualification. This is why we are proud to offer an incredible lifetime guarantee to all our customers we fit quick step for. This is not an offer we would give away lightly and reflects our belief in Quick Step and our fitters. For a free quote, call 07506 751 710. 

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