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What is a good thickness for laminate flooring?

When you’re looking for laminate flooring it is easy to become overwhelmed with the various options available, especially when it comes to flooring thickness. You just want something practical and stylish that fits in with your decor and lifestyle but how can you determined which one is right for you? In this post we will give you the definitive guide to laminate thickness so you know what to look for.

Laminate flooring is available in various thicknesses, each measured in millimeters. It can be as narrow as 6mm and as wide as 12mm thick. It is an easy assumption to make that the thicker the laminate the more durable the flooring is, although this is one measure it isn’t the whole story. To ascertain this you need to look at AC rating as well.  

Laminate is made of four layers that are pressed together using high pressure. The backing is a plastic which gives the board stability and a moisture seal. The second layer is the core board, this is comprised of high density high-density fibreboard, this section can also contain plastics resins to give more moisture protection. The third layer is decorative and gives the board its physical appearance. It is a high resolution proto- reproduction of the desired look which is why laminate can look so realistic. The final layer is a final stain and moisture protection seal, the quality of this last layer is instrumental in overall quality alongside thickness.

When we use the term thickness it refers to the second core layer, we are defining the amount of high density fiberboard in the product.

  • 6mm flooring is the thinnest as so is often the least expensive. Although not as thick as other options it does the job if you have a strong subfloor like cement.
  • 7mm flooring is sometimes used in the home. It still needs a strong subfloor and if opting for 7mm it is recommended you purchase a quality underlayment.
  • 8mm is a very popular choice because it’s is stable enough that it can be used if the subfloor has small imperfections.
  • 10mm marks a much high quality. It is more sturdy because the locking mechanism is thicker and stronger. 10mm + laminate is more likely to remain undamaged from a dropped object.
  • 12mm is the highest quality as you’d expect. It provides a functional, beautiful flooring regardless of the subfloor quality. It has a better acoustic effect as it is walked on and feels more natural underfoot.

Laminate from Floor Fitter Wales

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