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Why You Should Avoid REALLY Cheap Laminate Flooring

The prices of laminate vary a lot. When it comes to choosing which flooring is right for you there will be many factors to take into account but always remember, when it comes to price, you really do get what you pay for!

Now although it is admirable to be savvy when spending, getting the best deal doesn’t always mean opting for the least expensive. The consequences of cheap laminate are potentially costly. In this post we will share the top three reasons we recommend avoiding the REALLY cheap laminate flooring.

Cheap Quality

The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing are of paramount importance. Often the brands that are able to sell flooring well below the prices of anyone else do so because they take less care when sourcing materials.

Cheap Safety Standards

Low quality materials can potentially be more than just an inconvenience, some laminate planks are manufactured in countries with lower safety standards, resulting in potentially toxic laminate being sold to the public.

Cheap Ethics

When flooring companies take every opportunity to cut corners then they are rarely concerned with the ethical implications of buying cheap resources. If you want to make sure that the laminate you buy meets acceptable standards and comes from a reliable source then check the product comes from factories that comply with fair trade policies and have the required ISO certification.

Cheap Manufacturing

It’s not just the wood the manufacturers use to make their laminate that determines the quality but also the manufacturing process itself. Shoddy workmanship means that the product isn’t put together properly, it is harder to install, breaks easily, stains and is aesthetically displeasing.

Cheap Durability

Laminate flooring has to be made with durability in mind, for any flooring to be fit for purpose it needs to be strong enough to cope with everyday life. Obviously the room you're choosing for will determined how much money you really want to spend. For example if it is a walkway with high volumes of traffic, you will require a more durable product than you would for a spare bedroom. Regardless of where you are flooring though, the really low-end products are unlikely to last long anywhere.

Cheap Costs More

The reality is that buying cheap laminate can cost more in the long run. When the flooring you purchase is such poor quality that it needs replacing within a couple of years then you will find yourself spending more than if you had invested a few more pennies in the first place.



Avoid Cheap but Still Get a Bargain

Here at Floor Fitter Wales we want our customers to be happy with the products and services we provide. We know the the really cheap laminate will never satisfy our customers because they don’t satisfy us, this is why we make sure that everything we sell, even our lower priced ranges still meet our high standards.

Our lowest cost range is the Lifestyle Kensington range but we often run promotions on our other products so a bargain can always be found. To stay up to date with the deals from Floor Fitter Wales, check out our Facebook Page.

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