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Why Your Builder Should Not Fit Your Flooring


In today’s post we would like to address this burning question; are builders expert floor fitters and should you trust them with such an integral part of the decor in your home? We understand that there is a lot to consider when you're having work done in your house, but we want you to be able to make informed decisions. We simply see too many people paying over the odds for flooring that is below the quality they expected, to avoid this disappointment yourself, read on...


We love builders

This post is not a critique on builders at all. As floor fitters, our paths regularly cross and we have complete respect for what they do. Obviously, like in all trades there are those who unfortunately provide an unsatisfactory service but there are also many hard working builders who provide a high quality finish and incredible value.


In fact, we have so much respect for what they can do that we would never try to replicate their services. We don't know how to convert a loft, build an extension or safely knock down a partition wall, we wouldn't even dream of trying. Just like we wouldn't offer to fix someone's car or represent them in court.


We are floor fitters

Flooring is without doubt our area of expertise. We understand every element of the industry, from the different types of floors to the quality of materials and the best places to source them.  We know how to fit a wide variety of floors and have decades of experience fitting various rooms on various surfaces. We know what works and crucially what doesn’t.


We are so confident in our service that when customers hire us to fit our Quick Step flooring range we offer a lifetime guarantee. You see, we know that decent flooring, well fitted doesn't need to be a regular big expense. It really has the potential to last a lifetime and this is reflected in our service.


Builders are not floor fitters

When builders offer additional services such as floor fitting, we can understand how it can seem like an attractive opportunity on the surface. Finding one tradesman you trust can be hard enough so hiring different companies for different jobs can feel like extra work and hassle. When your builder offers you a deal to do the flooring as well it might be easy to assume that they know enough to do a good job and save you money at the same time.


But at what risk? 

From what we've seen, the risk you take is poor quality flooring and bad fitting. This can lead to the whole floor having to be replaced in just a few short years (if you're lucky). Any potential cost savings could become futile if you have to go through the hassle and cost of getting a new floor again.


Risk free flooring fitted by experts

So save yourself this stress, take the time and invest now so that you can spend a lifetime relaxing, knowing your flooring has been handled professionally. With Floor Fitter Wales you are in safe hands (or shall we say feet)! For more information about our lifetime guarantee and a free quote contact us today.

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